Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign is all about confidence and comfort. With the most advanced clear aligner system available, your teen will be able to maintain their confidence and comfort during their orthodontic treatment, without needing to change any of their lifestyle habits.

Invisalign Teen also eliminates emergency appointments due to loose brackets or poking wires while allowing for flexible appointments. 

When paired with the powerful technology of Dental Monitoring, which allows you to take scans of your teeth from home, we are able to maintain a high level of supervision with the greater convenience of fewer in-office visits, making sure your treatment is right on track at all times.

Invisalign Teen has become an easy choice for busy families and teens, and is a great solution for a variety of orthodontic issues that may be occurring with your teen.

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SKS Orthodontics is one of the top 1% of providers of Invisalign in North America, making us a leader in Syracuse and Central New York. Our doctors and team members dedicate countless hours to ensure that they stay current on the latest advancements in Invisalign technology to provide you with the best treatment available.