Give your teen the gift of a beautiful, healthy smile to last a lifetime. Our team will help you determine the ideal time for treatment to ensure efficient care and in many cases even lessen treatment time.

Does my teen need orthodontic care?

Alignment of the teeth and jaws produce an attractive smile that can lead to improved self-esteem and confidence, but the benefits of orthodontic treatment are not just cosmetic. Orthodontic treatment can improve your biting, chewing and speaking as well as provide better access for cleaning, to maintain a beautiful healthy smile.

Are traditional braces or clear aligners right for my teen?

Advances in technology have made metal and clear ceramic braces easier and more comfortable than ever before. Invisalign Teen is the perfect option for the teen who isn’t crazy about the idea of wearing braces and when paired with Dental Monitoring, we have the ability to remotely monitor progress for enhanced supervision. Whether Invisalign Teen, metal or clear ceramic braces, our experienced team of orthodontists is committed to delivering the highest quality care in the most effective and efficient manner. Let us help your family make the best decision for your teen’s treatment.

Treatment options for your teen

  • Invisalign Teen – We are a Top 1% provider in all of North America and leader in Central New York
  • Clear Ceramic Braces
  • Metal Braces
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