Holiday Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

This holiday season is a foodie’s dream: an entire season dedicated to eating delicious foods and desserts. It’s also a great season for those who are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and wear braces. The majority of the foods served during the holidays are soft, easily chewed, and braces approved. Unfortunately, there are a few hidden culprits who can cause damage to your brackets and wires, so it’s important to look out for them.

Look Out for These Foods

Look Out for These FoodsNormally, foods like mashed potatoes, oven roasted turkey, and stuffing are served, which are all braces friendly. Our orthodontists recommend having your fill of any of these foods that are soft and will not damage your metal braces. However, you should avoid the following foods which can sneak into these seasonal meals:

  • Popcorn: Popcorn is always on the foods to avoid list with metal braces. The kernels can easily damage your brackets and wires leading to an orthodontic emergency. 


  • Any Type of Nuts: Nuts can sneak into a number of dishes and it’s important that you avoid them completely. Look out for nuts in pies and desserts and potentially in stuffing or other side dishes. If you have metal or clear braces, we recommend you ask about the ingredients just to be sure everything is nut-free. 


  • Caramel: Unfortunately, caramel is one the biggest culprits of damage to braces. Caramel apples are a big no-no and any dessert that is topped with caramel sauce should also be off limits.


  • Crunchy Vegetables: Remember, anything hard or crunchy can quickly damage your braces, this includes raw vegetables. Instead, stick to cooked vegetables.

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