Back to School with Invisalign Teen

If your child got Invisalign Teen over the summer and is now heading back to school, there is no need to worry or be nervous, SKS Orthodontics will help you through the adjustment period. Our orthodontists and staff have some great back-to-school tips to ensure the adjustment with Invisalign is a breeze!

How Can I Comfortably Go To School With Invisalign?

SKS Orthodontics wants you to feel confident in showing off your smile with Invisalign Teen. We’ve got a few simple pieces of advice that will make all the difference this school year. The following are our tips for returning to school with Invisalign Teen:

  • Make a Dental Care Kit: Put together a small bag of items that will help you through the day. Our orthodontists recommend a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and your Invisalign case. That way, no matter what happens or what you eat, you’ll be prepared to have bright, shining teeth, even in the middle of the school day. Double-check that your dental care kit is in your backpack each morning and you’ll be worry-free!
  • Bring a water bottle: A water bottle is always a good idea while at school, but especially for orthodontic health and Invisalign Teen. Water is a quick solution for when you are in school and have something stuck in your teeth after lunch or a snack. 
  • Remember Your Invisalign Case: Make mealtimes a little easier by always bringing your Invisalign case to school. By using your case, you’ll have somewhere discreet to keep your Invisalign aligners as you eat, but you also won’t forget them at school or accidentally throw them away.. 
  • New mouthguard: If your child plays athletic sports, let’s set them up with a brand new mouthguard to protect their teeth throughout the school year and keep their orthodontic treatment on track. 

By taking these four tips into account, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Your Invisalign Teen will be clean and protected throughout the school day!

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